Philosophy & Meaning


The word “Kahuna” comes from Hawaiian. A Kahuna is a shaman and a magician. He has the gift of being able to heal and liberate the soul from pain. The Kahuna is also valued as a guide. He is a master of his craft.


We chose the number seven because its magical qualities fascinate us. The seven deadly sins, the seven-year itch, seven as a lucky number and as the house number of our salon. It is also said that hair and skin change their characteristics every seven years ….

“Kahuna Seven – masterful styling magic”

This is the tradition in which we, as hairdressers and stylists, see ourselves. We regard it as a great responsibility and an honor when people trust us with their appearance. For this reason, every cut and coloring consultation we provide draws upon our Kahuna-like mastery of knowledge, experience curiosity and attention to detail. Be open and discover new styling options with us!